Harrison Gate uses a lead management strategy to help companies generate leads. A holistic approach is used throughout the marketing process to build and nurture prospect relationships, a holistic activity that spans the prospect's lifecycle: brand awareness, engagement and application to delivery.

The strategy considers the following key areas:

  • Core Targeting Prospects - Your database is your most valuable marketing asset. Companies can maximise opportunity by having the most current and accurate information. The database should capture on-going suppressions and updates. Companies should prepare data by de-duplication and standardisation.
  • Core Social Media - A powerful way to reach prospects, companies need to be innovative in their methods of acquiring new customers through digital channels
  • Core Understanding Behaviour - Prospect behaviour will reveal information to help you understand future engagement interaction. For example, what defines a "qualified" lead? How do they want to be contacted? How quickly will they enrol?
  • Core Communication Strategy - Communication can be a unique challenge. How do you voice your purpose? How do you build alignment across disparate markets? Communication starts with setting clear rules and definitions: understanding what defines a "lead". Is someone a prospect, qualified prospect, or enrolment-ready? What is the function of each role? Sharing of information between company divisions is critical to ensure alignment and ability to respond to a dynamic world.

There are a vast number of lead generation strategies. Harrison Gate implements those which best suit the clients’ needs and objectives with the emphasis on maximising growth.